How To Add A Disqus Comment Widget System To Your Website or Blog

Add a comment widget or form to your site. 

There are quite a number of comment widgets or form for websites among which we have intense debate and others, tested and tried i am recommending disqus to you and anybody who cares to know. 

Why should I even recommend Disqus to you as one of the best,  Like I said from the beginning there are quite some number of comment widget out there. With Disqus comment widget you can easily look out for spammy comment and delete them....

Every webmaster would like to give his or her readers the chance to give suggestions, problems and comments, that way you would realise the kind of audience you have. making it easy for you to target a particular group of people during any campaign you want to publish.

The disqus comment system is a professional comment looking widget made available to any site of any kind counting from Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and many more.

Thank God for the life we have and the grace we are blessed with. For the fact that we are alive is a enough to praise GOD. don't get it twisted life is not all about the money.

Anyway that is by the way... Lets move to how to add or install the comment form or widget to your website or your blog

What are the features of this comment system

Great Design : It design is very professional and has an eye catchy properties. It suits every site design irrespective of your theme colour scheme.

Social Login : It gives your readers the chance to comment directly using their social media network accounts. simply by logging in with their accounts. You can also accept comment post from guest without any account profile.

Real Time Threaded System : With this your comment appears almost after you have fully approved it. You get a comment moderation message as soon as the comment is published by the commenter.

Star and Reactions In Comments : Your readers has the chance to star a comment and rate it if it is really appropriate for them.

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down : Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down is also available to make it easy for visitors to vote up or vote down any comment of their choices.

Edit and Delete Comment : You can edit your comment for mistakes even after publishing them. you also get the chance to edit any comment from your visitors before approving and publishing it.

Related Discussions : Just at the bottom of the comment system are post links related to the post visitors are commenting on making it visible to your readers to also read it.

Spam Detector : The system as a spam detector which recognises any spam comment and pushes it to your spam folder for consideration. You can choose to delete the spam comment or publish it by approving it.

Special notice: If you have comments on your blog already you don't really have to worry because you can import all of it to the disqus comment system. So you don't really loose any comment.

Integrating DISQUS In Blogger Blogs.

First of all Go To Disqus Official website and  Click On "Get This On Your Site" Button. You would have to register to have its full benefits.  Fill out all fields to get started.

Please Follow the steps in the image tutorial bit by bit to install disqus on your blogger.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Importing Comments

Importing Step 1

Importing Step 2

Importing Step 3

Importing Step 4

Importing Step 5

Now you will see the message that your import has been successfully uploaded and queued. Now you've to wait for 24 hours to get the comments completely imported.

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