What makes the Nokia Lumia 520 different.

Lumia 520 review

Smooth, stylish and smart, the new Lumia 520 is packed with great features. It comes in a range of switchable colors covers designed to suit you. With the new Lumia 520’s digital lenses and 5MP camera, you’ll find more ways to play with photos than ever before. Bring your pictures to by adding animations with cinemaraph. Use smart shoot to capture and create perfect shots for your friends, so they can always look their best. Enjoy this and much more on an impressive 4inch screen.

The Lumia 520 also comes with the amazing locations apps like HERE maps and HERE drive to help you discover the most exciting places and experience around. Plus, its snapdragon S4 processor and windows phone 8 operating system gives you faster and more responsive Smartphone experience.
Finally, there is a touch screen that responds to your fingernail. With Nokia super sensitive touch technology, you can type accurately and at top speed, however long you nail could be.
This lets you have some serious fun with imaging blend of photo and movie-like animations; you will be able to create photos that seem almost alive. Helpful on screen assistance lets you select the animated are of your picture and easily create cinema graph. The share with your friends on social media with a single tap.
No matter how good the camera, you can’t always get everyone looking their best at once. That’s where Nokia smart shoot comes in. it automatically takes multiple photos with a single click that you can choose the best facial expression and combine them for the perfect shot.
Life is sweet when everything is in sync. With the Lumia 520 all your windows devices and access all your files, photos and music from anywhere.
It comes with internet explorer 10, faster and safer than ever.

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