Adding read more link to your posts in blogger

In this post, I will show you how to add read more link to cut your post length short in the home page of your site.... It is very good to realize even in the first place how good a brief of a topic could be ! Do you want me to explain ? ____ OK then let me explain, to make us understand this let me pick a scenario where i give you a head line of an information that could be very useful to you. What would you do?

 (try to satisfy your suspense i guess right). I n the same way, if you also give a headline of your post by cutting it or breaking it at a very crucial point, your audience would like to know or read more i guess. So do you know

that this could even increase the traffic of your site ?  by clicking on the read more link takes the audience to another page which has the full content of the article or post..
How to add the link
 To the best of my knowledge there are two ways to add  this read more and we will shows you the two ways so as to make a choice for yourself.
  • When writing your post and you have gotten to the place where you need your read more to come just insert this short HTML code in there    <!--more-->   but before then you need to select HTML close to the compose button in the tab consisting the link/font/add picture/undo and redo above the editor.

  • If you have as well gotten to where you want the read more to come in just click on the jumb break on the tab above the editor....
how to insert jump break 

NB To change the read more link to read more button like the site own follow my next post

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