First thing to know when you get your new gadget (phone or computer)

it has never been anyone's  wish to misplace his or her gadget after spending all that amount of money to buy them, neither is it anyone's wish to misplace a gadget given to him or her as present, gift or even prize.

Nevertheless, our wishes and wants to keep our gadgets until we are fade up or change it for a new one sometimes do not work out the way we always expect them to. You would agree with me that some people  after spending so much money to buy a gadget be it  a laptop or a phone do not really think of it being stolen or misplaced .However, like i said from the onset that is not anybody's wish or prayer but the fact still remains the same that no one knows tomorrow except GOD .

Ask yourself this question, What if i do not find my gadget( computer or phone)  after sometime of usage ???
What then do i do Or should do if that is the case.....
    I always recommend to my friends that they should get an anti-theft software that monitors the gadgets no matter where it could be. The same way you go to the internet, android store/ Google play and app store to download applications for your phone and for your computer you can as well take that no stress to download this tiny productive software.

let me make a choice for you
follow one of the link base on the gadget you want to have the soft ware installed


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