Adding a related post widgets

How to add related blog post widget to your blog site many  simple no use of  HTML or any code at all just easy for even a lame man who knows nothing about blog or HTML to install into his or her site.
THIS widget places a very vital role in give or earning you more traffic for your sites which would aid you you to get thousands or even millions of page visits or view and would as well increase your Google page ranking.....

It is very good to note that the more your total page views the more your Google and other page rank and luckily for me and you this is one of the things we should have in our site to help us increase our pages view to few thousands and millions.
It basically brings all the blog post you have written previously to light for readers to see and follow as well as adding beauty to your site.

  1. First of all, log on to link within and fill in the blank spaces based on the right  information you have about your site and get the widget

  • and click get widget to install it on your site......
The problem with this is that it post related posts both on your home page posts and on your blog post which is basically suppose to be beneath or above each an every blog post... to some  people it is not all problem because they like it like that but if you dont like it that way just follow this new post which shows you how to do it-----------

Hide or Remove Link within Related Post Gadget from Home Page Post


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